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By the way the guy you see as Josh Weinstein on google is not the same guy that owns preview models !! I bet that's not even his real name he just uses maybe trying to pose as the real Josh Weinstein to fool people into paying for his fake group the real Josh Weinstein have nothing to do with preview models look it up it's all mind games with theses people smarten yourself up before handing out your money

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HEY EVERYONE PLEASE DO THIS SO WE CAN GET THE WORD OUT THERE TO LET MORE PEOPLE KNOW THIS IS A SCAM If you been scammed by preview models please don't be scared to speak up about it get the word out there so more people can see what they truly are not not waist there 1500 on theses scammers All they want is money they say they are looking for talent but if you don't have the money they turn you away if they was really looking for talent they wouldn't want any money out of the people the believe to have talent but basically it goes like this they pick people who they think they can scam if u don't want to pay the call back up people it don't matter if your fat skinny tattoos no tattoos it's whoever is welling to pay for this foolishness so they go after people they think they can get money out of it don't matter how you look and when people go on here to expose the truth about there scamming ways preview models comments saying how they never attended thier group and how they are a successful group Also some comments witch I believe it's them behind theses accounts on here telling people you should of read what you signed for and how they are clueless about how the industry works and make people sound crazy an I know for a fact the positive review on here or most likely then trying to make people believe it's true trying to clean up there dirty mess LOOK UP preview models social midea they say they are so successful and help a lot of models get to the top and they are well know but I don't buy it at all if u see thier Facebook page Instagram YouTube and twitter account they hardly have people following them or suscribed to them even hardly any likes!! It's so funny how everything they say don't add up.

This is what they are saying about the owner of preview models ""Josh Weinstein is a well-known actor, writer and producer in Hollywood, California. With over fourteen years in the entertainment industry"" if you look up this guys name you see nothing about him all I seen was a bunch of random guys if he was that will known an successful he would be on google just like that it's all a lie don't let theses people fool you for your money us it for better things like bills school or somthing that will get u by but don't give it up to theses hartless scammers

Review about: Preview Models Modeling Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Also the guy that u see in google as Josh Weinstein is not even the guy from preview models it's a whole different guy with the same name as this scammer

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