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Before I get into my review of my experience with Preview Models, I would first like to be one of the first to step out from behind the veil of this online message board and come forward to you the reader as myself so that you may know the truth about Preview Models. My name is Nick Rains and I have been an employee of Preview Models since April of 2016.

I was originally hired to assist with the castings and have since moved up to become the International Director for our Los Angeles based PRODUCTION Company. First and foremost I would like to emphasize that Preview Models is not an Agency, we are a company that produces 5 international runway events a year in both Los Angeles, California and Milan, Italy. For those of you who do not know the difference between the two let me explain... An agency is a company that represents talent whether that be a model, actor, or other type of talent.

Legitimate agencies will represent multiple talent at any given time and should have a website and current board where anyone at any given time may see the agency current roster of talent. The job of the agency is to receive casting information and submit talent that fit the casting type required for the audition. A Model/Actor/Talent etc. should never pay money to acquire an agency.

The way an agency works is when a model books a job, the prearranged percentage the talent and agency have previously agreed upon will be taken out and given to the agency. With that being said lets discuss what a production company is... A production company is responsible for the development of a specific production. There are many different types of production companies, and this is truly an umbrella term for quite an expansive space of the industry, that most ordinary people don't know much about.

Preview Models is not an agency, what they do is produce runway events for the exposure of the talent. Yes there are costs associated with preview models, however I know that when I am even thinking about casting someone I let them know ahead of time about the financial commitment of this program, and that a portion of what they are paying is non-refundable, HOWEVER Preview Models is a production company and the reason part of the cost is non-refundable is because once a talent buys out their contract they are registered for a Life-Time! Once a models registration is payed they can come back and do as many productions as they wish, and they will no longer have to pay the 1000$ non-refundable registration fee. The model only has pay (as of this moment 1/21/17) a 500$ production fee and will be able to participate in the production of their choosing.

With that being said a lot of the reviews posted on here are over the financial commitment of this program. For those of you who are registered I urge you to communicate with the administration department. With that being said everyones situation is different, and situations change and i understand that. I am from a broken home as well as many people in this country, I grew up below the poverty line as many people in this country, I understand your frustrations as you are INVESTING quite a bit of money into your dream.

All I ask of you is this... 1. If this is your dream, fight for it. Don't let anyone stand in your way.

Yes, this program does cost money but they do exactly as they promise. They give you the tools to succeed, you work with celebrities from top model and legitimate professionals in the industry. As far as the agents at the event go, not everyone is looking for new talent at a given time and those who are at our productions are invited because they have the room on their roster or are actively looking for new faces. We personally INVITE these agents out, the list on the back of the informational booklet is a rolodex of Preview Models contacts.

At no point was any agency promised to be there. 2. If you are currently a model you are locked into a binding contract now... I know after reading all of these reviews from "Professional A" & "Ex-Preview Model B" that you may be feeling shocked, hurt, & confused.

If you have any questions about this program or the industry or just want to reach out to a real human being who genuinely cares for you or your success here is my information. Nicholas A. Rains Phone: 225-454-9119 Instagram: @Nick_Rains Email: Nick@PreviewModels.info It is to be noted that if you would like to reach me a text message with a photo of yourself, an Instagram DM, or email with an image will work best. This is not a submission line, this is my personal contact information.

The only reason I ask that you would include an image is so that I may better know who I am speaking to... I am a very forgetful person but if we have met i will never forget a face. With that being said i would also like to say that this company is not my passion, HOWEVER the reason I work here is because I love watching you guys from day 1 to seeing you walk down the runway and the realization that "oh ***" this is a real thing and its really happening exactly like how they said. I love hearing back from you and implementing your feedback into making what we do at our productions better and better.

I do this because I alike all of you have a dream that was placed in my heart, I aspire to make music on a commercial level and I know I will make it, because there is nothing and no-one who will stand in my way. I travel every weekend and work my *** off at all hours of the night making these shows happen for you guys and still put in the time to make my goals and aspirations come to fruition. There are no excuses when it comes to your dream and whats been placed in your heart. Follow the path and success will come.

With much love, Nicholas A. Rains International Director Preview Models

Product or Service Mentioned: Preview Models Modeling Service.

Reason of review: Happy for another reason.

I liked: Working with industry professionals, Production, What they do.

I didn't like: Ignorant point of views on this message board.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1337814

They are scammers it makes no sense why they would ask for money upfront when your not even 100% sure if you want to sign a contract without having enough time to think about the decision keep in Mind the interview is rushed because they bring a fake model that's not apart of there company as a excuse for why they can only have a 5 minute interview with you Trust and believe that if you think I'm going to give you 1,500 dollars in less than 5 minutes your crazy and they don't tell you much just sell you a dream and tell you to sign on the dotted line the lady didn't even bring up money until I read it also she failed to mention that I could cancel

My contract within 48 hours that's what's even more crazy they try to trick you and make you feel like oh well you signed it so now you have to pay false make sure read that contract I also gave them a old credit card number so that I could stay and see if it was legit if you don't have the money they will tell you to leave when you already signed to contract it's bull**** they will try to charge you even if you don't go through with it if you sign it's so much money they are asking for that by the time the fashion comes you have lost motivation and money some people are college students and have family's but they don't take that into consideration

to Anonymous #1598015

I have no clue how Preview Models makes any money at all... I have heard that the 4 day production costs over $120,000 to produce.

Must be why they had to raise their prices. There was 80 models in my production ... 80 models @ $1500 = $120,000.

So they were definitely LOSING money to help all of our dreams come true and put on a truly AMAZING, FUN & PROFESSIONAL event in Hollywood. THANKS AGAIN


Yes, you are a production company. Just like a lot of pyramid schemes are "marketing firms".

The thing is, you make these aspiring models think that for some reason it is necessary to pay your ridiculous $1000 NONREFUNDABLE "registration fee" to get their name out there. And then an extra $500 "production fee"? Really? If I want to be a model, I can email my stats to an agent for free.

Even IF the agents that you claim come to your runway shows contact your victims (which from what I hear, they don't), it is seriously unnecessary to pay a FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLAR fee to get in touch with these agents.

I'm curious, what sort of agents would come to these things? The runway shows are an absolute unprofessional mess, and most agents have no problem getting clients because they know how to market themselves.

I think you hire a bunch of people to pose as agentsso that it looks like these poor aspiring models are getting their name out there, when in reality they're not.

To those of you who don't know, this is called a Bait and Switch company. They bait you with your dreams of becoming a model, and switch it up with "you have to pay 1500 to be a part of what we do" and "we're not an agency" and "if you don't make it it's not our fault".

Why else would they make you pay THE DAY AFTER the first audition? They make you make your decision so fast that you're still enamoured by your own dreams of becoming a model that they hyped you up with, and more often than not people make an irrational decision.

to Anonymous #1274259
Hey this is Nick here, I just wanted to first let you know that I hear what you are saying and I wanted to personally let you know that you are absolutely right in the fact that you can submit yourself to agencies on your own!
You should also know that these agencies receive thousands of submissions from dreamers like yourself, so it is not always as easy as you make it seem to get signed, let alone even receive a response.
I understand how upset you are, however I would also like to say that no one forced you to pay any money to Preview Models.

You attended the casting by a choice of your own free will, and you also made the decision to sign a contract and make a payment towards your show.
If you would like I can have a few of our models who I have personally casted, seen on our runway, and watched interact with the agents reach out to you and tell you about their actual experience with preview models :)
I cannot however give you the direct contacts of the agents I have seen at the previous events I have helped to produce. I feel as if I don't have to go into detail as of why I cannot do this, but I can state that I have consistently seen agencies such as LA Models, Public, MSA-LA, Aston Models, Luber Rocklin Entertainment and many more.

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact me anytime! (I listed my personal information in the review I left below)
to Nick_Rains Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1274261

Nick, thanks for being so concerned with having people reach out to me.

First I would like you to know that in no way was I interested in being a model.

I don't believe myself to be "model material" and I am okay with that. The way I found out about this program was off Facebook. I have an extreme hatred for any type of scam and I like calling them out for what they are.

So I did my research and actually did get in touch with a few of the people who have paid and gone through the company. What I found was extremely sad.

I would just like you to know that I have never had any interest in being a part of this company, It just made me mad that you do this to other people.

Stop trying to play me and anyone else who calls you guys out as people who are "just upset that they didn't get selected". That would be immature and you have absolutely no base for that argument.

to Anonymous #1274267

First off I am much like you in the fact that I cannot stand people getting taken advantage of, I am not trying to sway you to think a certain way of Preview Models I am just trying to quell the confusion and angry reviews about this company.

I am sure that you understand how expansive this industry is and how many niche markets there are.

Preview Models does not only work with models but the agents who attend our events represent both actors and models, the agencies who attend our events can be broken down into two basic categories:

1. Modeling Agencies: represent clients who are strictly interested in representation for their modeling career.

2. Talent Management Companies: these types of agents look for talent (i.e. People with multiple talents) whether that be modeling, acting, dancing, singing, or even voice-over work.

Therefore Preview Models main priority is to cast for those who aspire to hold a career in the entertainment industry.

We cast all types of talent and work with those from ages 14 to 35!

As far as your direct quotation from a previous quote I can say that every thing I have posted or will continue to post will be public. There is no reason for the Preview brand to mask themselves behind anonymous comments because there is nothing to hide.

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