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Preview Models Modeling Service complaint 167116
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Preview models is great it's a family it's a truck to the tree you will build in the future and sorradyou branches because of the base they gave you and I'm really greatful I'm one of those people! They helped they are great professionals and I loved every second of it! Can't wait for the next show!

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I am not a model. But my wife is. She returned to modeling after many years in healthcare. She auditioned for Preview Models and did a runway show in Hollywood that was an absolute blast. As a result of that exposure she has since made two international modeling catalogs and been featured in several magazines. Her career is taking off and she representation and is getting work. But let me tell, this isn't easy. There is no guarantee. Its more... Read more

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From a Previous Preview Models
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Preview models has been a great experience for me in several ways. Being from a small town in the Midwest its hard to know exactly how to get your foot in the door when it comes to the entertainment industry. I was a little skeptical when it came to Preview Models because of the reviews I read but it's just understanding exactly the difference between an agency and a production company. I went to the Los Angeles March Production... It blew me... Read more

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Hi my name is Ciara Roller. I became a preview model in June 2016. And have loved the company ever since! The environment has been up lifting and so friendly! Being a preview models model isn't just going and getting to walk, it's about family and them teaching you how to succeed as a upcoming model! When I went to LA for the show I was so blessed to have been able to go and have the preview coaches teach me how to perfect my performance! Read more

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Review about Preview Models Model Experience from Colleyville, Texas
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Preview Models is a fantastic company. The best decision I ever made was going to the audition. The staff become your family, and the other models become friends for a life time! I am so excited to continue with preview models and being in the shows! Read more

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Scam. It's ridiculous to pay $1,500 to a middle man who will take you to an event to introduce you to ANOTHER middle man to supposedly get 1 casting (if you're lucky). Meanwhile legitimate actors go to 15-20 castings a week and get lucky if they are cast every two to four months. And an agent? Teaching acting? That's like a high school math teacher teaching accounting. What acting techniques does this agent teach? Stanislavski? Uta Hagen?... Read more

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Okay so I was at an audition. I got in and was exited until I went to this site and a lot of peoples reviews seem negative. There's only two positive reviews. I know the runway is real but The thing is.. I heard that The agencies that we all meet with are fake and I honeslty want this to he real. Its my dream. I just don't want to waste $1500 on some runway in LA and have the agencies turn out fake. That's sad. I heard that the agencies to not... Read more

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Okay so someone please answer me. I have auditioned and all and I don't know if this is a legit agency because I really wantto go to LA. Like I know the runway show is real and all but people are saying that the agencies at The end where you talk to after the runway are fake and they don't call you. I just want a 100% true comment because this is such an amazing oppertunity and if I didn't go and it was real, that would seriously suck. I would... Read more

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I did a runway show in LA for preview models in the beginning of June. It is a legit company. And alk the agents who attend are legit as well. Just because you don't get picked by an agent does not mean preview models is a scam it just means the agents were not looking for someone like you at the time. Preview models casted you and showed you to the agents and it was up for you to make your mark. Plus the agents know what theyre looking for at... Read more

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If you feel you have been scammed or lied to by a representative of PREVIEW MODELS please do the following and do not delay. First, please report it to your local Police Department and file a formal report. Second, cancel any form of payment you may have provided them with. If it was a debit/credit card, cancel the card immediately, if it was a check, void the check immediately. And if it was cash, you will have further difficulties getting... Read more

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